White Scape, Mobius, SoWa Walk, 8-hour Performance, Boston, Ma, May 2008
(Also performing in the space: Lewis Gesner, Jane Wang, Liz Roncka, and Grant Smith)

“…and ‘white’ appears. Absolute white. White beyond all whiteness. White of the coming of white. White without compromise, through exclusion, through total eradication of non-white. Insane, enraged white, screaming with whiteness. Fanatical, furious, riddling the victim. Horrible electric white, implacable, murderous white, in bursts of white. God of ‘white’ no, not god, a howler monkey. End of white. I have the feeling that for a long time to come white is going to have something excessive for me.”

Personal Vanitas / symbolism / slow transformation / white / Memento mori

There was a table set up very similar to a 1500’s Dutch Still life vanitas painting. It was my personal vanitas installation. At 11am I began painting every object white. By 7pm everything is white.

Photos by Vela Phelan.