What we Each Have, The Medicine Wheel, The Boston Center for the Arts, Boston, Ma, December 2009

Air / breath / truth / running / life / time / remembering / thought & language / communication / AIDS

8 -10am. Air. This year the huge Cyclorama space is filled with woodcut prints of people’s portraits that have died of AIDS. They surround the entire space and hang in a circle from the middle. The altars are also in the middle, in a circle. I enter. I am all in white, barefoot. I have 5 plastic bags tied around my waist. White balloons, white feathers, white birthday candles & lighter, mint from my yard and pills filled with the word truth in different languages. In my right hand is a 5 minute sand timer. I flip the timer and start to run around the space. I stop when the timer tells me to. I light one birthday candle and place it on the floor, burning upright. I blow up one balloon. I blow one feather until I can’t any more. I crush some of the mint in my hands. I place one pill next to the candle. I turn the timer over and start running again. This continues until I can’t run any more…it was about two hours.