Weight of Things II, TRANSMUTED, Primer festival internacional de performance slp, San Luis Potosi, Mexico
April 2010

The weight of what we carry with us / intake / excess / small beautiful gifts / choices / lies / completion / transparency / acknowledgement / forever / site specific / desire / life / death / water

Transmuted Festival took place in Cante in San Luis Potosi, Mexico. Cante use to be a jail. It is now an art school / art center. We were given full access to Cante for performance locations. I choose the outer hallway around the main area. I was told that if prisoners tried to escape and were caught in this hall way they were immediately shot.

There are 40 small glass bottles, filled with water, each has a small object in it, there is a string tied around the neck of each bottle. They are in a line, going up the center of the hallway. Audience members are led in and asked to stand on the sides. I walk to the end, turn around and start placing the bottles around my neck. Once I have placed all the bottles around my neck, I start choosing audience members, one at a time. Once I choose some one, I take some time to choose the right bottle / the right object for them. They wait. I drink the water, take the object in my mouth, spit it into a small white bowl, and offer the object to them. This continues until I stop. I walk down the long hallway and disappear around the corner.

Photos by Vela Phelan.