Weight of Things, Effectus, Boston, Ma, October, 2009

The weight of what we carry with us / intake / excess / gift / choice / lies / completion / transparency / acknowledgement / forever / site specific

There are 57 stairs. Each has a bottle sitting on it, off to the right side. 57 bottles. Each bottle has a small object in it and is filled with water and has a string tied around its neck. I ask the audience to stand on the stairs, to find a spot. I start at the bottom of the stairs, slowing walking up the stairs putting each bottle around my neck. Once I reach the top of the stairs I start choosing different audience members…. when I stop in front of someone: I drink the water in one bottle, take the object in my mouth, spit it out into a small white bowl, I tell the person something about the object, some times it is the truth, sometimes it is a lie, I offer the object to the person. I move on. This continues until I very unexpectedly throw up.

Photos by Vela Phelan.