Trading personal for public, U SAVE! 24 HOURS OF GLOSSOLALIA // WHITE WALLS #2, Boston, Ma, August 2012

Personal / public / media / physical and mental health / movement / location / choice

We each have our own relationship with the health of our body and mind. It is often times not shared or discussed. And yet we are constantly being inundated with what could be wrong, what we need to take, what is “normal”. This piece addressed all of these issues.

Mission Hill Baptist Hospital parking lot. Truck. Stainless steel table. Two white stools. Red megaphone. Prescriptions. Me. I invite people to make a trade: a personal piece of their medical history for a piece of public information about our health care system. I make a few trades. I use the megaphone to read the public information the entire time. The security guard from the hospital comes over and asks us to leave when a large gang of skate boarders comes over. We leave. Trades made.

Photos by Vela Phelan