To Enhance the Probability of Survival II, Control Y Control Z, Group Show, MEME, Cambridge, Ma, March 2010

Site specific / re-do / audience / choices / control / decisions / self-infliction / individuality / diabetes

Control Y Control Z is a show I curated at MEME with Sandrine Schaefer. The idea was for artists to re-do a piece. Space and audience. How does a piece change when the location and audience changes? I re-did a piece I had done in Chicago a few years earlier.

I ask audience members to choose what they feel influences their decisions in their own lives. They were asked to write this outside influence down on a label, which they then attached to a hypodermic syringe and that I injected into my body, leaving it in that location until it either fell out or until the piece was over.

The significance of this action is a personal one: what is it that influences my actions, my decisions the most in my own life? Diabetes, hands down. This action also directly illustrates the collision between interior and exterior, and our own part we play in our experiences, as well as the people around us. Our decisions have the power to influence those around us and change the order of life’s events for everyone we come into contact with.

Photos by Vela Phelan.