The Time is 22 Years, 8-9am, Medicine Wheel, World Aids Day, Castle Island, Fort Independence, South Boston, MA, December 1, 2014

Fire / remembrance / orange/ red / yellow / offering / end

Officially this is the last Medicine Wheel event. For the last 21 years, Medicine wheel was at Boston Center for the Arts, the contract ended. This year it was at Castle Island in South Boston. The element was fire. All of the remnants that had been left behind for the previous 21 years were burned for 24 hours on December 1st, 2014.

I arrived with 22 orange candles, a lighter, and a large hour sand timer with orange sand. My original plan was to light 22 orange candles and walk around the circle until they all burned down completely. But I couldn't light them, it was too windy. Time it was. For one hour I walked around the circle marking time, thinking about my many experiences at this World Aids Day Medicine Wheel event, and thinking about life and loss and love. Remember all I could.