The Job, Boston Contemporary Art Museum for Contemporary Art, Artists, and their Contemporaries, North End, Boston, August 2014

Museum culture / art / interaction / direction / belief / time / destruction / instruction

At around 1:30pm I arrive to the site with my white pedestal, five drills, batteries, hole saw kit, white sledge hammer and ice balls. I set up the piece behind the museum. Pedestal displaying the ice balls. White buckets with drills and batteries. I feel honored to be asked to do a piece for Boston Contemporary Art Museum for Contemporary Art, Artists, and their Contemporaries. The job is to destroy the pedestal by putting holes in it until it falls apart or the batteries are all die. Time is our rival. Will the ice balls melt before we get to destroy the pedestal? Or will we beat the ice balls? We will see. So I begin. I enlist the help of audience members, I receive help from many. Many a hole is made. The batteries last about 2.5 hours. I then break out the sledgehammer. Much to my disappointment, the pedestal comes down in about 5 swings. The job is done. The relics lay in the grass for the rest of the day and the next day. The end.