Shared Culture, Simmons Collage, Trustman Gallery, The Human Animal Project Rationale, Boston, Ma, Oct. - Nov. 2008

Culture / shared culture / culture as a healing agent / choice / assumptions / hope / fears / extend / expand
Performance / sculpture remnants

The night of the opening I offered culture pills to audience members. As viewers walked into the gallery space and looked to the right, I was sitting at a white table, on a white stool, with three large bowls in front of me, one bowl was filled with empty pills, one had an image of a globe on the inside of it and is filled with sugar, and one held the pills that I have already filled with sugar. There was also a jar filled with empty plastic baggies. I had plastic gloves on, and a white medical mask covering my nose and mouth. Through out the evening I slowly filled each empty pill capsule with sugar (2000+), I then offered the pile to the audience members, if the person accepts the culture pill, I would place it in a baggie, I then gave the culture pill to the audience member. The bowls, and table were left in the gallery for the duration of the show.

Photos by Vela Phelan.