Rebuilt Involuntary Vision, Maximum Perception Festival, Brooklyn, NY, January 2011

Flight / birth / freedom / opportunity / loss / breaking / rebuilding / self-destruction / dreams

The lights are all off expect for one light hanging down from the ceiling. I walk into the space, walk outside, pick up snow in both hands and walk back in. I am in white pants, a white shirt that says: Opportunity disguised -on the front. I have two pint size glass bottles hanging off my side, one has water in it, one has dried lotus root in it. There are 35 empty vials hanging from the other side. I have a small white birdhouse around my neck. It is filled with small white birds. I start walking in a circle with my hands out around the circle of light on the floor. The snow is melting in my hands slowly. At some point I put the snow down. I start making a circle on the floor with the small white birds. Once the circle is complete I start cutting off the my shirt, to reveal a sky blue shirt that says: as Loss -on the front. I cut that shirt off too. I then start spinning in the circle until I fall. I pick up the birds and leave.
Opportunity disguised as loss.

Photos by Arielle Bier.