Preserving Mobius, Mobius, Dec. 07, Boston, Ma

Time / history / memory / past / present / preservation / holding on / remembering / documenting

Preservation takes many forms. Through memories, through photographs, through retelling of an experience, by canning, by boxing, the list can go on and on. Each Mobius member preserves different aspects of their experiences as members of the Mobius artists group. Everyone holds different memories close. There have been thirty years of memories collected in some cases. Different situations bring up different memories…seeing an object from a past performance, discovering a news letter from years past, sitting with the same group of people the first Sunday of the month. As a relatively new Mobius member I found great comfort and security in these memories, the history of Mobius. I hope to preserve a small piece of this history, the now history and little pieces of the past.

Preserving Mobius was on view Dec 10, 2007 to Dec 16, 2007
any time, day or night, through the windows.
The space was open to the public from 10-5pm on Saturday, Dec. 15, 2007.

Photos by Vela Phelan.