Preserving MEME / the travellers box – MEMENDS CELEBRATION, MEME, Cambridge, Ma, May 2011

Hold on / preserve / remembering / letting go / objects / remnants / sharing / releasing / friends / MEME / Dirk / Vela / Sandrine / Phil / Brad / Alice / performance art / love

Inside the Travellers Box is seven jars filled with remnants of different MEME events from the past two years. Cards, Flexib’s dust from his piece, pieces of sponge we have wiped and cleaned the space with many times, Lalie’s courage / security coins, Asuka’s fundraiser prints, pieces of the bandanas worn at Street Museum, one of Lewis’s language generator trials…through out the night I watch, and choose seven people to give them to. Jacy, Maria, Tim, Mark, Sandrine, the unknown fella, and Caliopia. MEME will be preserved. Forever. The Travellers Box is empty. It enjoys the rest of the celebration with the many, many people that come and dance, talk, watch. Preserved forever.