Open Expansion Control, OPEN Performance Art Festival, August 09, 6-hour performance, Beijing, China

Control / public / process/ beginnings / endings / expansion and contraction / recreation / destruction / manipulate

I started the piece inside of the Open Performance space. Using a small scooper I slowly made a path with piles of sugar. Once my large case filled with sugar was empty I slowly picked up the piles. I proceeded to do this same action for the next 6 hours though out the 798 Art Area (which is about a mile square). I left 798 a few times, needing a non-art audience. People dealt with the piece in different ways. Some watched, some took pictures, some lifted their bikes over it, some cars stopped and backed up, some stopped and watched then drove over, some just slowed down and drove over the piles…. The piece was a soft action experimenting with controlling the flow of people in public spaces, as well as creating a new space with a simple action. It was inspired by the present day expansion of China, the not so soft expansion.

Photos by Frank Homeyer.