Now #2, Time on View, Proof Gallery, Boston, Ma, 7-8pm, September 26, 2012

Update / growth / now / then / past / present / control / participate

Revisit – Control which was performed during Quai #1 a Quebec / Boston exchange at MEME, Cambridge, MA, October 2010. I am sitting on the floor on one side of the white table. There is a tray sitting on the floor with the bottles from Control on them. There is a stack of small white plastic cups, a bottle of white rum, and a glass pitcher filled with water. There are eight audience members present. I explain that during Control each of the little bottles was filled with rum. I read each one, drank the rum, wrote the words – I am in control on the window with a white marker, and finally planted a small tree in a big bowl outside the space, this action continued until all of the bottles were empty.

As we all sit on the floor, we revisit each bottle, discussing whether I still feel the need to try and release my control over the given issue. The audience is also invited to take a drink if it is an issue they feel they would like to release their control from. This continues until each bottle / issue has been discussed. Lovely discussion. Lovely participation by all. I return the bottles to the shelf. I place the tray with the cups, rum bottle and pitcher on the floor. I nail up a hand written label.

Photos by Vela Phelan