(Inter) Active Subcutaneous Administration, Mobius International Festival of Performance Art, Midway Theater, Boston, Ma, November 2006

Authority / trust / control / subjectivity / phobias / fear / desire / anticipation / expectations / assumptions / personal ritual

Black space. I entered pushing my cart, which was illuminated by a very bright florescent light and was displaying 50 Administration Supply Boxes. I was dressed in a white robe. I pushed the cart around the perimeter of the audience, then entered – handing out all the Administration Supply Boxes and to each audience member I said: “ Wait for the light, open your box and proceed.” I pushed the cart over to a small white tiled area which has a small table covered with a white cloth, sitting on top is a small silver tray with two bottles on it labeled: The Liquid. Sitting beside the table was a red biohazard box. I removed my robe and all the lights in the space are turned on, and my body is revealed, imprinted with small black circles to indicate injection sites. I then set the timer on the cart for 15 minutes. The audience began immediately to open their boxes, containing latex gloves, a hypodermic needle, 2 alcohol swabs, and 2 pages of instructions. The instructions told each audience member how to properly give an injection. Audience members preceded immediately and began giving me injections of the unknown liquid (only one person ever asked what was in the bottles – she did not give me an injection.) As audience members would approach ready to inject, I would stop them to check their needle for air bubbles, give a little injection advice, and supportively let them proceed. The piece ended when the timer went off.

Photos by Vela Phelan.