Ingested Truth #1, Time on View, Proof Gallery, Boston, Ma, 7-8pm, September 19, 2012

Truth / quotes / conversation / belief / disbelief / majority / time / present / past

Revisit - What might it need? Which took place at The Boston Center for the Arts, Medicine Wheel, Boston, Ma December 2008. I am sitting at a white table in the middle of the space. There is a large white light hanging above me. There is a clipboard, the large pill bottle from the piece What might it need? Which is filled with pills that have truth written in different languages in them, a glass and a glass pitcher filled with water on the table. There are six audience members present. On the clipboard are 92 quotes about the idea of truth, I read the first quote and ask everyone if they think the quote is true. After some discussion, I take one of the pills out of the bottle read what it says (the best I can) and then swallow the pill. This continues for an hour. 46 quotes were read, 46 pills truth pills were taken. After the hour is completed I return the pill bottle to its shelf, hang the clipboard on the wall and put a new label on the wall.