Fumar Rope, Da’ Burn Gallery, Merida, Yucatan, February 2011, 5 hour durational piece

Creation & completion / living path / destruction / releasing / site specific / utilitarian / time

Huge abandoned industrial space, full of all sorts of stuff. I find a space, I start sweeping, clearing a space for myself. I place 48 rolls of toilet paper, a white bowl, 4 rolls of white string, scissors, and a turned over white gallon bucket in the swept space. I have a large tyvek suit on. I start cutting off the bottoms of the legs and the arms. It’s hot. I then cut the pieces of the suit into stripes; tie them all together, and start weaving, wrapping, making a rope with the toilet paper, the suit pieces, and white string. This continues for four and a half hours. I stop. Pull the entire rope out into the large space, and set one end on fire. It burns slow. Very slow. But it burns. We put it out and leave.

Photos by Vela Phelan.