Eureka, Mobius, Artrages, Nov. 05, 5-hour performance with Jeff, Sandy, Wilder Huckleberry, and Dirk Adams, Boston, Ma

Games / process / anticipation / interactive / collaboration / trust / commitment

Partygoers are approached by the Golden Gate Keeper (myself) and asked if they would like to play a game. They then were given a scavenger hunt that was played in the entire space; some questions were in relation to other work happening simultaneously. Each ‘player’ had to get their ‘hunts’ stamped after completing each of the tasks. The last question gave them a combination to get inside ‘the box’ where they would receive a private performance or Eureka!

As the hunt says:
Search, Look, and Find.
When you have completed your tasks you will have everything you need to Experience Eureka.