Envolver Rope, MEME, Cambridge, Ma, May 2011 23.5 hours - 7pm – 6:30pm

Continuous repetitive / dedication / transformation / choice / growth of understanding / umbilical cord / MEME / Central Square / love / releasing

MEME. A white chair. Three single lights on the floor. A huge stack of toilet paper. Three things of white mason string. Seven white bottles. Me. At 7pm on May 13th I start making a rope with the toilet paper and mason string. Wrapping one around the other. It slowly grows. The action becomes easier, more fluid. Norfolk Street comes and visits me all night, looking through the windows. Offering me kindness, alcohol, water, tea, praise, love…all nightlong. In the early morning hours I am alone. No one walks by. The rope is still growing. People stop, they look. Some for a second, some for a few minutes, some longer. The rope keeps growing. I can close my eyes now and make it; the action is in my hands, out of my head. Around 3:30pm I run out of mason string. I find the while table cloth that John G. Boehme used for his piece just one day before and start ripping into pieces, long narrow pieces and tying them together. I use it to wrap around the toilet paper until it is gone. It is about 5:30pm now. I am done making the rope. I move the chair out of the space. I organize the extra toilet paper, the empty toilet paper rolls, and the empty water bottles, in the back of the space. I make a pile with the rope. I lay in it for a while, resting. I wake up. Dirk Adams and Vela Phelan help me to wrap the rope around MEME. It is my umbilical cord, connecting me to MEME. Alison Adams helps to wrap the rope around me. I am tired. I am not thinking very clearly. People start to arriving, coming in the space. I begin reciting all of the shows we have had at MEME. Trying to remember them all. I ask for everyone’s help. We have had over 200 artists at MEME over the last two years. As I am reciting the names, the shows, I am slowly untangling myself from the rope. It is slowing falling to the floor. It is revealed that the end is tied around my waste. I cut it. Letting go. Releasing MEME. It is hard. It is 6:30pm on May 14th.