Control, Quai #1, Quebec / Boston Exchange, MEME, Cambridge, MA, October 2010

Giving up / giving in / acceptance / masking / running / quantity / personal / private / public / life and death / lies and truth / progression / change / choice / time

All the lights are on in the space, bright florescent lights. There is a small table with a silver tray on it sitting front of the open front door. On the tray are 35 small glass bottles filled with white rum (the audience is not aware of what is in the bottles, but soon will be). Each is labeled with either an environmental fact or statistic or a personal piece of information about my family or myself. Under the table is a glass container filled with water with 35 small oak tree seedlings in it. I pull a large plexi glass bowl filled with dirt around the corner and place it in front of the open front door on the sidewalk. I walk in pick up one of the bottles, read what is written on it, drink what is inside, place the bottle on the floor at the other side of the space, walk back take one of the seedlings, plant it in the dirt bowl outside, come back in, write on the window I AM IN CONTROL with a large white window marker. This continues until all the bottles are empty. I don’t really remember much after that.

Photos by Vela Phelan.