Continuously, Grace Brooklyn, LUMEN FESTIVAL!! Atlantic salts, Staten Island, NY, June 2010

Expansion / control / ritual / danger / unknown duration / trails / releasing weight / personal / private / public

Atlantic salts was right on the water in Staten Island. Lumen Festival was a site-specific video festival primarily. Grace Brooklyn invited performance artists to the show to do….well performance!

I am dressed all in black, except I had running shoes on. I attached 35 – pint size glass bottles to my waist. Each bottle was filled with different substances: marbles, spices, toys, fluffy cotton balls, bouncy balls, confetti, glitter, gumballs, etc. I start walking. The sound of the bottles scrapping the ground is loud. I start running, ½ the bottles break, things fly everywhere….I start walking. I walk, pulling the bottles until they all break. About an hour and a half.

Photos by Vela Phelan.