Confidence in Objects, Pixilerations V. 3, Performance / Sound (Maxwell Dulaney), 12 min. timed piece (was stopped by curator at minute 11), Providence, RI, October 2006

Placing confidence in objects that do harm (alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, food) / inability to change, respond, or react / our role in healing ourselves and others

One large white light floated over a small black rug, two bowls (one empty, one filled with razor blades), 6 sets of large laminated cards, I stood on the black rug dressed all in white. As the audience walked into the space, they walked past a large metal bowl, filled to the rim with Band-Aids (a proposal to help heal.) I picked up the first set of cards, holding them for the seated audience to see, dropping them one at a time to the floor. Sound filled the space – breathing, bottles rolling, whispers; each minute that passed was revealed by a voice saying “TIME”. Action changed – I unwrapped a razor blade, pulled up my white clothing and cut myself 5-8 times on the area of my body affected by specific harmful actions (kidneys, lungs, arms, liver), blood seeped through my white clothing. These actions were repeated – 5 times, until the piece was stopped by the curator (Butch Rovan, HYPERLINK “mailto:rovan@brown.edu” rovan@brown.edu.) No one brought me a band-aid.