Come Place Your Vote, Grace Exhibition Space, Brooklyn, NY, April 2011

Searching for clarity / democracy / marriage / assumptions / personal belief / experiences / all or nothing / Brooklyn

As audience members enter Grace - they are greeted first by Jill McDermid, and then by me. I am dressed all in white. I ask them to vote. They are told that they only have one vote, they are given a lovely white poker chip and asked to vote on what they feel or believe is the most important element to have in a marriage or relationship. On a table in front of them are six gallon glass jars each one is labeled with a different element, that they can choose: respect, communication, sex, honesty, support or trust. I stay at the door for two hours collecting votes. I then take the jars, lay a long white fabric in the space, and place the jars along the fabric equal distance apart. I disappear for a few minutes and when I come back I am wearing white roller skates, gloves and mask. I am carrying a 15-pound sledgehammer, white of course. I stand for about two minutes at the far end of the line of jars. The Steve Miller song – Abracadabra comes on – loud. I start skating. Back and forth, round and round. I then destroy the five losing elements. Communication is the winner. I hold up the bottle. The audience is cheering.

Photos by Vela Phelan