Collisions and Positive Endings, Mobius, 2-hour Halloween Performance, Boston, Ma, October 2008
(Also performing in the space: Jane Wang & Tom Plsek)

Halloween / Day of the Dead / the Election / Endings / Beginnings / Cleansing / Removal of negative / leaving only positive

On my cart…sugar skulls, photo copied dollars, razor blades, eggs, 30 clear glasses, a pitcher filled with water, little USA flag tooth picks, candy, sound making devises, masks, candles, and a skull stamp. Through out the night I created small installations with the objects on my cart. I stamped the photocopied dollars with my blood, wrapped the little candy bars with the dollars, and stuck a flag in them. I filled a glass with water, rubbed an egg on the floor, or on the window, or somewhere else in the space, and then broke the egg into the glass of water. An action done to “clean” the energy of the space. This continued for 2 hours…slowing filling the space. It was my last performance in the Mobius space, as a Mobius member.

Photos by Bob Raymond.