An Evening of Messages, Rapid Pulse International Performance Festival, Chicago, IL, June 2013

Expansion / anticipation / chance / a piece of the whole / direction / inclusion / unexpected / time / in and out / performer and audience / relationships / space

Anticipation changes how we deal with and experience the passing of time. Anticipation occurs on a daily, even hourly basis. There is clearly the element of the unknown, there is also the element of assumption and expectations – assuming or expecting an action, an occurrence, an outcome, a response, an experience, or an event.

Action 1 / the Hub 2:30pm:
There is a large white pedestal, 5’ tall by 2.5’ square. It is sitting by the windows in the Hub (=a gathering place for artists, the location of the lectures). I am sitting on a small white circular stool, holding a silver tray; on the tray are white arrows. I am wearing white pants and a white t-shirt with an arrow on the front and the back. The arrows on the t-shirt are the same as the arrows on the tray. A few artists and audience members come and take an arrow. I instruct them to pay attention to the space, see where an arrow needs to go, once it is up it can be moved. The lecture/talk begins around 2:30pm. Through out the lecture I do exactly what I instructed the artists and audience members to do. I pay attention to the space, to the people, and place each arrow where I feel they need to go. I do this until I have no more arrows. The arrows are left up until they are taken down.

Action 2 / the Triangle 4pm:
The large pedestal is dollied over to the triangle (public space across from the Hub at the intersection of 3 streets). On the pedestal is a roll of white paper displayed on a white paper holder. I am wearing a long sleeve white button down shirt and white pants. I step onto a small white circular stool that is in front of the pedestal and begin cutting in the middle of the roll of paper with a large pair of silver stainless steel scissors, this continues until I reach the end of the paper.

Action 3 / DFB Gallery 8pm:
I am sitting on the large pedestal the DFB gallery; the small circular white stool is in front of the pedestal, in front of me. Around my neck hang 37 clear plastic bags each with water and a piece of a tooth or jaw inside. I am holding a glass tray with a scalpel on it. I am wearing white stretchy pants and a white tank top dress. It is a casual gathering, as the audience walks in they are instructed to sit on the floor. As everyone is settling I ask one of the volunteers that is near by if he would like to go first, he says yes. He is instructed to stand on the stool in front of me, and read the quote written on my arm: “Teeth are the instruments whereby their owner takes possession of something and assimilates it.”. He is then invited to take the scalpel and cut one of the bags open and take the contents. He does. Water spills. The tooth is taken. I continue to invite people up, this continues until no one else wants to come up.

Images by Vela Phelan.