A Nightful of Gifts, Grace Exhibition Space, Brooklyn, NY, November 23, 2012

Narrative / light / heavy / small / large / few / many / offerings / simple / choice

There were four offering actions through out the evening. They spanned the entire evening – 9:30-12midnight.

#1 - There is a small white pedestal with a white sack on it. I untie it. There is a glass bowl with small white pieces of paper in it, there is also another small white bowl sitting on top of all the paper pieces with a single blade in it. I unwrap the blade and make one cut on my middle finger of my left hand. I fill the small white bowl with blood. I use the blood to put my fingerprint on the white papers. I continue until there is no more blood. I place the bowl of fingerprints on the bar as an offering for anyone that would like one. The pedestal is cleared of all the objects. I come back out and leave a small leather bag on it.

#2 – I stand on the pedestal. I put the small white leather bag around my neck. It is filled with syringes. I take one out at a time injecting it in my arm and leaving it. I go back and forth from my left arm to my right until there are no more syringes. I remove them one at a time, dropping each one on the floor, again taking one from my left arm and then one from my right. I get off the pedestal and sweep up all the syringes. I come back out and leave a white sack on it.

#3 – I sit on the pedestal with the white sack on my lap. I untie it. There is a small clear case in it and a bunch of white balloons. In the white case is a beautiful rolled joint. I take it out of the case and ask for a light. I light it, take hit, blow the smoke into a balloon and offer it to an audience member. This continues until I have no more balloons. I get up and come back out with another white sack, and place it on the pedestal.

#4 – I unwrap the sack. I remove a small clear plate that has a small glass cup on it, which is filled with small clear plastic forks. Under the plate is a pie. I walk around and offer a fork to all the audience members / viewers and offer them some pie. The pie is eaten and enjoyed by all.

Photos by Vela Phelan