(A) Building at the End of the World, TEST 9, Old Franklin Park Zoo, 4-hour performance with Dirk Adams, Boston, Ma, May 2006

Shelter is a state of mind / Shelter is an illusion / All this way for nothing (or something) / Small, inconsequential things gather & multiply / from a distance, it looks just like…/ the end of the world / from a distance, it looks so harmless / at a safe distance…

Our bear cage, water pool hole, was filed with shredded paper. A large, long white table sat in the middle, covered with glass jars, tubes, bowls each containing something different – ranging from dried corn starch pieces to gum balls to flower seeds. Dirk and I were both dressed in formal wear. Around the cage there was 3 sound / viewing areas each with binoculars and a cd player. We started working opposite each on the ledge of the pool…each created our own worlds using all the objects; we meet in the middle, eventually. The piece ended when we no longer had daylight to see.

Photos by Vela Phelan.