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The strongest principle of growth lies in the human choice.

- George Eliot


Alice Vogler (b. 1975) is a time based artist, educator and curator.

Some ongoing themes in her work include: choice, control, interaction, anticipation, time, healing, health, offerings, private, public, containment, remembering, preserving, and the color white.

The viewer is always an essential element.

Alice received her Bachelors of Fine Arts form Pacific Northwest College of Art in Portland Oregon, and her Masters of Fine Arts form the School of the Museum of Fine Arts and Tufts University in Boston Massachusetts. She has shown her work in many performance events over the last 15 or so years all over the world.

Alice Vogler • Marshall, NC 28753 • alice.vogler@gmail.com



Masters of Fine Arts • Tufts University and The Boston Museum School, Boston, MA • 2002

Bachelor of Fine Arts • Pacific Northwest College of Art, Portland, OR • 1998

Representation / Affiliations

Co-Curator and founder of MEME Gallery



Mobius Artist Group Member



Co-Producer of TEST performance art events


Exhibitions / Performances

Medical Self Portraits, UNC Chapel Hill, Chapel Hill, NC, April - December
To see and to be seen, Warren Wilson College, Swannanoa, NC, March

Oh, the South, Performance Is Alive SATELLITE 3.0, Miami Art Basel 2017, December


Things Come and Go, Panapoly Lab, Brooklyn, NY, December

The Burial, Thread – @ RoseKill, Kingston, NY; @Ann Street Gallery, Newburgh, NY; @Seth’s Cabin, Orange, Ma, July

The Unwanted, Mobius, Boston, Ma, May

Disappearance, Foundation Fighting Blindness, Taste of Sight even, NYC, March

Stone Collection, The Living Room Project, Isabella Gardener Museum, Boston, Ma, February


You are invited to..., LINK & PIN performance art series at RATS 9, Montreal, Canada, October

PERFORMANCY FORUM QUINQUENNIAL,AGENDA: to feel things with other people, OCTOBER 9, 2015, 7:30-10:30pm

Time, Body, Space, Objects, Part 4, Spectacle Island, Boston, Ma, July & August

Obscurus Novena: VIII. Obscurus Commoneo with Vela Phelan and Dirk Adams, The Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston, Ma, July 19, 2015

Great American Performance Art Festival, Grey Zone, New York, June

Chromobalance, FLEX IT!, San Diego Art Institute, San Diego, California, March


Liability of body. Language of Liability, Venice Performance Art Week, Venice, Italy, December

Earth to Heaven, Medicine Wheel, World Aids Day, Castle Island, South Boston, December 1

The Job, Boston Contemporary Art Museum for Contemporary Art, Artists, and Their Contemporaries, Boston, Ma, August

Nourishment, 6:30-10pm, 808 Gallery / Boston University, Boston, Ma, June

Berraco Santo Manto, with Vela Phelan, 9-12am, Grace Exhibition Space, Brooklyn, NY, April


A Culmination of Elements, 7-8am, Medicine Wheel, World Aids Day, The Boston Center for the Arts, Boston, MA, December 1

An evening of Messages, Rapid Pulse Performance Festival, defibrillator performance art gallery, Chicago, Illinois, June

Performance art currency is free everywhere, 12noon – 6pm, FOUNTAIN ART FAIR at The Armory in Manhattan, NY, March


The The Beginning and the Ending, The Boston Center for the Arts, Boston, Ma, December 1

Nightful of Gifts, Grace Exhibition Space, Brooklyn, NYC, November

Time on View, Proof Gallery, South Boston, Ma, September – October

Trading Personal for Public, U SAVE! 24 hours of GLOSSOLIA //White Walls #2, Boston, Ma, August

Traced Movement / Movement Traced, Art Beat, Somerville, Ma, July

Wanna Play?, Grace Exhibition Space, Brooklyn, NYC, April

Center of the Human Color Sphere, Proof Gallery, Boston Does Boston, South Boston, Ma, January


Revive, Medicine Wheel, The Boston Center for the Arts, Boston, Ma, December 1

Hungry Ghost, Holy Ghost / Week 2 – 301 Gallery, Montserrat College of Art, Beverly, Ma, October

Isea2011, Mind the Gap, Istanbul, Turkey, September

Trails of the Swallower, Living Walls Festival,Albany, NY, September

ego-SHADOW 3 - Mills Gallery, Boston, Ma, August with Vela Phelan

Death, Decay, Germination, LUMEN FESTIVAL!!, Staten Island, NYC, June 25 (http://www.statenislandarts.org/blog/lumen/)

Preserving MEME / the travellers box – MEMENDS CELEBRATION, MEME, Cambridge, Ma, May (http://www.thetravellersbox.org/)

Envolver Rope, MEME, Cambridge, Ma, May - 23.5 hours - 7pm – 6:30pm

Come Place Your Vote, Grace Exhibition Space, Brooklyn, NY, February

Alivio Nkondi, Frontground, Galería Manolo Rivero, Mérida, Yucatán, February

Fumar Rope, Da’ Burn Gallery, Merida, Yucatan, February

Rebuilt Involuntary Vision, Maximum Perception Festival, Brooklyn, NY, January


Shades of Fire, Medicine Wheel, The Boston Center for the Arts, Boston, Ma, December

Quai #1, Quebec / Boston Exchange, MEME, Cambridge, Ma, October

Continuously, Grace Brooklyn, LUMEN FESTIVAL!! Atlantic salts, Staten Island, NYC, June 26

Weight of Things II, TRANSMUTED, Primer festival internacional de performance slp, San Luis Potosi, Mexico, April

To Enhance the Probability of Survival II, Control Y Control Z - Group Show, MEME, Cambridge, MA,March


What We Each Have, Medicine Wheel, The Boston Center for the Arts, Boston, MA, December 1

Weight of Things, Effectus, Boston, MA, October

Expansion and Contraction, OPEN Art International Performance Festival, Beijing, China, August

Accumulation, MEME, with Dirk Adams, Vela Phelan, Sandrine Schaefer, Phil Fryer, and Brad Benedetti, Cambridge, MA, June


What might it need?, Medicine Wheel, The Boston Center for the Arts, Boston, MA, December 1

Collisions and Positive Endings, Mobius, Boston, MA, October

Shared Culture, The Human Animal Project Rational, Simmons Collage, Trustman Gallery, Boston, MA, October-November

White Scape, Mobius, Boston MA, May


Preserving Mobius, Mobius, Boston, MA, December

To Enhance the Probability of Survival, Rough Trade, The Present Tense, A Boston / Chicago Exchange, Chicago, IL, December

Remembering What is Buried Underneath, Tremor Nomad 2007, Long Island, MA, November

BioSponse Test 1, Contaminate 2, Midway Theater, Boston, MA, March


(Inter) Active Subcutaneous Administration, Mobius International Festival of Performance Art, Boston, MA, November

Confidence in Objects, Pixilerations V.3, Live sound by Maxwell Dulaney, Providence, RI, October

Forward / Backward Time & Objects, ELAPSE, 24 hour durational performance, Boston, MA, September

Searching for Tar, Mapa Theatro, Tremor 2006, 24 hour durational performance, Bogotá, Columbia, March

Side Effects, Gasp Gallery, The Thread Counts Project, Group Show / Virtual Gallery, Boston, MA, March: http://www.treadcountsproject.com

Alternatives, Studio SOTO, Curator & performer, South Boston, MA, February


Eureka, Mobius, ARTRAGES, Durational Performance with Jeff, Sandy, Wylder Huckleberry, and Dirk Adams,

Boston, MA, November

Blood, Sweat, & Tears, TEST, Boston, MA, July

Vivo Exposure, Tremor 2005, City Without Walls Gallery, Newark, NJ, February


Most Valued Possession, Tremor 2004, City Without Walls Gallery, Newark, NJ, July


Oracle Box, Mobius, ARTRAGES, Durational Performance with Jeff, Sandy, Wylder Huckelberry & Vela Phelan, Boston, MA, November

Do-It-Yourself Fluxus, Art Interactive Gallery, Cambridge, MA, October


Sniper Culture, Mobius, ARTRAGES, Durational Performance with Jeff, Sandy, Wylder Huckelberry & Vela Phelan, Boston, MA, November

Green, Mobius, Collaborative Performance with Sandy Huckelberry, Boston, MA, February

Pursuit of Happiness, Tufts University Gallery, Graduate Thesis Exhibition, Medford, MA, January


The Naglfar, Mobius, ARTRAGES, Collaborative Durational Performance, Boston, MA, November

Feast, Tufts University Gallery, Graduate Thesis Exhibition of Hiroko Kikuchi, Medford, MA, January

Constant Balancing, Boston Museum School, 24 hr. Durational Performance with visiting artist Paul Couillard, Boston, MA, February


Union Square, Outside Collaborative Performance with Asuka Ohsawa, Somerville, MA, March

Boston Museum School, Paper and Print Show, Boston, MA, November

Artist Foundation, Solo Show, Interactive Installation, South Boston, MA, August


FX Gallery, Natural Expressions, Group Show, Boston, MA, November


Flying Saucer, Solo Show, Portland, OR, August

Pacific Northwest College of Art, Thesis Exhibition, Portland, OR, May


Flying Sauce, Solo Show, Portland, OR, December

OHSU Group Show, Portland, OR, December

Wentz Gallery, Teacher’s Pick Group Show, Portland, OR, November


The Shop, Group Show, Asheville, NC, August