HOME, We absorb at Mobius, Boston, Ma, May 2016

Gathering / eating / creation / remembering / longing / daydreaming / sharing / friends / sacred space

I installed my dining room table and the two chairs that Vela and I always sit in, in the middle of the space. On the table is a large glass globe with a small sculpture of a house under it, along with a tray with interesting facts about cereal printed on each one along with a cereal mosaic that I made right before the event started. To the right is a table with 15 boxes of cereal, milk, soymilk, spoons, bowls and small trays. To the left on the wall are about 100 old black and white images of houses. Also a large basic of oranges, lemons and limes, next to a stool with a hand juicer. Playing - a 28 minute sound track of songs all about home.

I invite everyone in to eat a bowl of cereal, read about cereal, create with cereal, listen to songs about home and just be. I make juice. The piece ends when the sound track ends.

Photos by Vela Phelan.