Papess & Cratres, 5:45-9pm, ROSEKILL - International Performance Art Festival + Share Camp, Rosendale/Kingston, NY, June 20, 2015

fire / earth / water / air / memory / honoring Medicine Wheel / private / public / time / my years / a gift of keys to....

I find a hill top. I set up what I have brought. A tatami mat. A white pitcher with 40 pinwheels. A plexi display box. Inside the box...a glass jar filled with white keys, a glass jar filled with paper butterflies and bugs, a glass jar filled with calendula seeds, a glass jar filled with a fire starter, a spool of string, a pair of scissors, a small red box with matches, a glass jar filled with water, 40 small white and clear plastic bags, a set of black cards and white cards with the numbers 1-40 printed on them. White candles. A basket with everything else in it: A small digging device. A metal bowl. Four blow up bird keep away eyes. 8 reflective bird keep away eyes. A spool of reflective bird keep away paper. A small calendula plant.

I place the candles on top of the plexi box and light them. I blow up the eyeballs and tie them to four different trees. I tie up the reflective eyes. I gather sticks. I place some of the fire starter in the metal bowl, and add the sticks. I set the fire and add 40 keys to the fire. Once the fire has gone out I cover the keys with dirt. I plant all of the calendula seeds up on the hill. I clean each of the keys with water. The dry and rest in the air. I place all of the pinwheels on the hill leading up to my location. I walk down the hill. I unspool the reflective bird keep away paper until I reach the top of the hill again. I prepare my gifts. 40 of them. Each bag contains a paper butterfly or bug, two number cards and a key. A plant the calendula plant by Jill's lavender plants. A rewind the reflective bird keep away paper. People arrive as the paper is being pulled up the hill. I give my gifts, one to each person. Each key is for something different. Something special. Or maybe not so special.

Images by Jodie Lyn-Kee-Chow and me.