City Without Walls Gallery, Feb. 05
Newark, NJ

Phobias / diabetes / routine / fear / normality

Video begins with me talking about my experience having diabetes for 20 years and taking daily injections. Video continues with information and statistics about needle phobia and Type 1 Diabetes. Four small tables are in-between the audience and myself. Each table has a plate, an orange, a needle, alcohol swabs, and a filled insulin bottle. Viewers are invited to practice injecting the orange. Viewers are also given instructions on how to give an injection. I am located behind the small tables, continuously injecting myself – I continue until my bottle is empty – for about 45 mins. The video ends giving cures for needle phobia – one being ‘vivo exposure’ which is one of the most successful cures for many phobias – vivo exposure involves confronting a feared situation repeatedly, until the situation no longer triggers the fear.